4 Unusual Uses For Your Multitool

Unusual Uses For Your MultitoolEveryone knows the general things they can do with a multitool. Lot’s of people love having a pair of pliers and a Phillips head and flat head screw driver at their disposal in a pinch. Some people may even find themselves using the knife or saw tool if they are really in a bind. Then they thank the heavens that they had the best multitool on them when they needed it the most. But what can you use a multitool for, besides the ordinary mundane tasks that you do? Below you will find 4 things you can do with your multitool that you may not have thought of.

Build a Fire

Being able to make a fire can be very important. If you’re stranded somewhere and you need to make a fire but don’t have any normal fire-making tools like a lighter or matches, you can use your multitool and a preferably a fire steel. You can use the knife and saw in your multitool to cut smaller branches for firewood and to make shavings that can be used as tinder. You can use the back side of the knife in your multitool in a method called the “spark-rod” method to create a spark. You should probably start by reading how to build a fire or you can watch a video on YouTube. Then you need to practice what you have learned. Practice is important because you want to be able to impress your friends at the next barbecue when you light the grill with nothing but your best multitool and a spark rod. You could also practice so that you are prepared if you ever become stranded and need a fire to survive. Besides, who doesn’t like a good fire?

Clean a Fish

Most people carry a knife and a pair of pliers in their tackle box to fix tangled lines and to help with setting a line up (real men use their teeth). Some avid anglers might even have a filet knife in their tackle box and a de-scaler so that they can prepare the fish they catch for a hearty meal. Why not exchange all those tools for a multitool? The best multitool will have a knife and a pair of pliers built-in. So you’ve got all the line tangle and setup tools you need right there in a multitool. When it comes to cleaning a fish with a multitool, that requires some skill but it can be done. Your tackle box fell in the river because you’re clumsy? Not to worry, pull that multitool out of your back pocket and use the backside of the knife to de-scale the fish, the same as you would with one of those fancy plastic fish de-scalers. Then use the knife to filet the fish. Granted, a multitool knife wont be as long or flexible as a filet knife but it works great when you don’t have a filet knife and your belly is grumbling.

Handle Untouchable Items

If you have a strong multitool with a good set of pliers you can use those pliers to pick up objects that you don’t want to touch with your hands. Perhaps a hot wire frame used in small camping grills. That would protect your sensitive hands from getting branded with a grill imprint across them. You could use the pliers in your multitool to grasp any object that you didn’t want to directly touch in a pinch. Using your multitool will give you a few extra inches of safety for your hand as well as provide a strong enough grip to grasp the object securely. You would even be able to pull the object if it was stuck, like when you drop a utensil in to a pool of hungry piranha or more likely in to the coals of a fire pit. It probably wouldn’t be the best thing to use your multitool to pick out poop from the cat litter, even if you didn’t have a litter scoop at that moment when your cat is complaining about the state of the litter box. If you decide to pick up or remove something that you don’t want your hand to touch then you might decide not to use your best multitool, in case you drop the multitool in to the item that you don’t want to touch.

Sharpen Household Objects

When you have a multitool you don’t need to worry about the fact that you always lose that little pencil sharpener from the junk drawer. You can use the file in your multitool to sharpen softer objects like a #2 pencil. You can give yourself a manicure and more importantly you can use the knife in your multitool to sharpen things. Sure you might destroy it on your first few attempts, but the more you practice on other people’s possessions, the better you will be at sharpening everything from pencils to backyard stick swords. Think about how impressed your friends will be at the next camping trip when someone announces that they forgot the toothpicks and you whip out your multitool and tell them that you’ve got this covered and proceed to fashion some out of twigs using nothing but your best multitool and some crazy sharpening skills.

This article was meant to be a fun way to look at some of the uses for a multitool that you may not have thought of. Ask anyone that has had a multitool for a long time and they can tell you stories about some of the unorthodox uses for a multitool that they have used themselves. From punching holes in to drywall to sharpening pencils, the uses for a multitool really do go way beyond tightening a screw or pulling something out with a pair of pliers. If you have some unusual uses for a multitool, shoot me an email or leave a comment about your best multitool use.

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